FCC posted its Unified Agenda for Spring 2015

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FCC posted its Unified Agenda for Spring 2015

Twice a year, in spring and fall, the Commission publishes in the Federal Register a list in the Unified Agenda of those major items and other significant proceedings under development or review that pertain to the Regulatory Flexibility Act (U.S.C. 602). The Unified Agenda also provides the Code of Federal Regulations citations and legal authorities that govern these proceedings. The complete Unified Agenda will be published on the Internet in a searchable format at wwwDOTreginfoDOTgov

The Commission encourages public participation in its rulemaking process. To help keep the public informed of significant rulemaking proceedings, the Commission has prepared a list of important proceedings now in progress. The General Services Administration publishes the Unified Agenda in the Federal Register in the spring and fall of each year.

And under the International Bureaus’ long term actions it lists –

Terrestrial Use of the 2473-2495 MHz Band for Low-Power Mobile Broadband Networks; Amendments to Rules of Mobile Satellite Service System; IB Docket No. 13-213